Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bluebird Nest Cams

Have you ever wondered what really goes on inside a bluebird box? We see the parents flying in and out but what do the birds actually do inside the box after the door is closed again.

A mirror is used to look into the nests in each box to see if there are eggs, how many, if they've hatched, etc. The parent flies away when we do that and all we ever see are eggs or hunkered down babies. With a nest box cam, you can watch everything!

Nest box cams are special little video systems that you can set up and have it live stream everything that happens in the nest box. There are actually thousands of nest cams out there these days recording the activities of a wide variety of birds.

It is fascinating to watch the development of the babies from incubation to fledging (leaving the box). Some nest box cams even have infrared cameras and you can watch what goes on all night long.  It is amazing to watch the babies wake up and move off and on all night long. They do serious exercises in the boxes during the middle of the night as well. It can be quite addicting to watch nest box cams.

Since this is the Bluebird Trail Blog, I'll only give you a list of 4 bluebird nest cams.  Because the nest cams are scattered around the US, the nests/eggs/babies are in various stages of development. Be sure and keep checking back through the season because bluebirds (especially here in the south) tend to have 3 to 4 broods each year. The further north you go, the fewer broods (sometimes just 2) because the warm season is shorter.

Bluebird Nest Cam - Maryland

Bluebird Nest Cam - Washington (state)

Bluebird Nest Cam

Bluebird Nest Cam - Pennsylvania

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bluebirds are busy!

The weather has everyone busy...even the bluebirds! Jim, Cathy and I checked out all the bluebird houses on Tuesday and we found our first nest with blue eggs! There were eggs laid in Vicki's box but they are not bluebirds....white with brown specks -which led Jim to believe it could be a Carolina Chickadee or perhaps a Tufted Titmouse. Today as I walked the trail I saw two bluebirds on the perch and house of #14. When you have some free time and walk around the bluebird trail it is a great way to relieve stress and see some beautiful and busy birds!