Wednesday, June 15, 2016

HOT! June Feel's Like July/August Already.

This has been one of the Hottest weeks of the year so far in 2016. In checking the Nest Boxes this week we had to start early just to beat the heat. The birds were just laying low trying get through these very hot days. If it is 95 degrees outside, that means it is near 100 degrees inside the Nest Boxes. 

This is a couple of  photo's provided by a good friend Diana of her Nest Box and the babies located in her yard.

They open there mouths for food, thinking we are the parents when we open the door to the Nest Box to check on them every week.

We had our final Walk and Talk Tour for this quarter on Saturday June 11th  and had a good showing for such a HOT morning.

Check this Blog or the bulletin boards located at the Green Meadows Preserve for the dates starting up again in October. The summer months of July, August and September are just to HOT for Tours. The birds are just trying to survive the heat of the very hot days.   

We now have the approval by the Parks Department to have an outdoor classroom build and we have a Eagle Scout that is going to complete the project this summer. That way we will have benches for people to set, while we are doing the talking part of our tours. 

The Parks Department has approved some signs of the Bluebird Trail Logo and the Preserve MAP that will be placed in key locations around the Trails. Hoping to get this completed this summer as well.

They will help with directions and the distances of the different color coded trails.

We are so happy to post the new numbers  for the 2016 nesting season so far. These numbers are current as of today 5/15/16, as we finished checking the Nest Boxes this morning.

We are on track to beat our numbers for last year of 210 birds fledged for the 2015 nesting season.

If all the eggs hatch we could be at 283 birds, if all the babies that are in the nest now fledge successfully we could be at 227 birds.

The 2016 Nesting Season goes until the end of August. We have time for more nest, eggs and baby Bluebirds.

A number of the Nest Boxes on the Trail are on their 4th brood already.

A big THANK YOU! to all the Friends, supporter's and Volunteer's that help me on the Bluebird Trail.

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