Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Creating Good Perches for the Bluebird Trail

Nest Box # 6 Dr Don
Perch and Feeder
Creating Perches-Open perches are essential for a good and successful bluebird spring and summer habitat. Bluebirds generally feed in about a 20-foot radius from a perch. If perches are scattered about an area or along a trail, the bluebirds will be more able to utilize all the existing food.

If you have any dead limbs or dead trees that are no danger to people, leave them as perches for the birds. We have had success with cutting down small dead trees 10-12 feet tall and drilling a hole in the trunk and driving rebar in the ground and putting the tree over the rebar to create a perch.

Morning meeting over water.
Provide Water-Bluebirds are often very attracted to water. Even just a small birdbath placed where the birds can easily see it and get to it safely can attract many bluebirds. The water should be about 1-1 1/2 inches deep. Keep the bath in an open area so the birds can watch for predators, and provide a perch or tree nearby where they can go before of after using the bath.

The main winter foods of bluebirds are not insects as in summer, but  from shrubs, vines and trees. If you can provide these natural sources of food for the birds, they may stay on your property longer in the fall and possibly even through winter. These plants can also provide some shelter for the bluebirds during the day.

Additional Winter Measures-In addition to having berry plants, you can offer water, food in various kinds at feeders along the trail. For food, try small pieces of sunflower hearts, mealworms (dried or live). One of the best things about bluebird feeders is that they can help the birds get through temporary shortages of food caused by unfavorable weather early in the breeding season.
Looking for a house to rent!

Spring Arrival-When do they Return??? Coming in our next blog session!

Bluebird Trail Activity for Week of Feb 19th - Feb 24th

Daisy Louise on the hunt!
Hi from the bluebird trail! Even with the much needed rain we received this week, Daisy one of our two dogs and I were able to get a few changes made on the trail.

We changed the numbers and sponsor name plates from the left side of the Nest Box to the right side,  this way they can be seen from the hiking trail on Nest Box's 2, 3, 4, 7 and 17.
Vicki & Victor
 Nest Box # 4
Bev & John # 3
 Nest Box & Feeder

Monday, February 4, 2013

Blue Bird Trail Tour Dates and Times scheduled

.We have set dates and times for our first offical " Blue Bird Trail Tour " the first date will be on Thursday February 28th at 12:00 noon after our Green Meadows Community Garden work day. Wear a warm jacket and comfortable shoes for the 2 + mile hike along the the blue bird trail rain or shine. The second tour date will be on Saturday March 2nd at 4:00 pm after the garden work day. We are looking forward to seeing our fellow gardeners and 2013 MGVOCC classmates on the tour.

Nest Boxes 10 & 11 Sponsors


Much progress was made this past Friday on the Blue Bird Trail with the help of Bob and Gail Bailey who are the sponsors of nest boxes 10 & 11. It was a cool morning, but we wanted to get the boxes up so the blue birds could start house hunting.