Wednesday, January 17, 2018


A Big Belated Happy New Year

This year sure has been interesting so far with the bazar wheather patterns we have been having. The poor birds are all very confused, they have always stayed in Marietta during the winter, but this year it is cold for much longer number of days. They are not so sure about staying, but they do stay.

I will have to admit that I did not do a very good job last year 2017 of keeping this BLOG up dated. My New Years goal is to do a better job of doing so this year. During the nesting season it is more difficult because it is very time consuming when checking the Nest Boxes each week March through August and the recording the information with NestWatch.

My goal this year is to keep the blog up dated at least on a monthly schedule with any news and Walk and Talk Tour information.

If you have been out to Green Meadows Preserve lately you have seen a lot of new benches, steps and the outdoor classroom under the pecan and black walnut trees. These have all be done by a number of different Eagle Scout's for their Eagle Scout accreditation.

A set of stone stairs with wood hand rail was built and installed by Eagle Scout candidate Jack Smith. He and his support staff also spread a truck load of mulch on the walking trail going west towards the open fields.

This has helped a lot to keep the trail from being so muddy with all the rain and snow we have had this winter.

This photo is of Jack Smith and his Mom Suzanne when he received his Eagle Scout Certification.

If you use the park on a regular basis you can see the amount of volunteer hours that go into doing these projects by Master Gardeners, Eagle Scouts and groups that do Community Service projects like picking up trash that is discarded by people using the Park. These are the people that should have more respect for our Parks, they are throwing trash in the very Park they are using for their own enjoyment?

Outdoor classroom was constructed and donated to Green Meadows Preserve by Eagle Scout candidate Thomas Jeffery Wetmore. This classroom is used by many different project groups, the Master Gardener's that maintain the grounds around the old house and the Cherokee Garden.

It is used by myself when we have garden groups that are taking a Walk and Talk Tour of the Bluebird Trail.

As well as the groups we do tours for on regular basis from the general public, that be promote through the MDJ and post on the information boards.

Additional classroom benches were constructed and donated to the Park by Eagle Scout candidate Ethan Lindler.

Ethan also built a set of handrail for the stone steps leading up to the community garden as another part of his Eagle Scout project.

Ethan and I with my dog Daisy meeting to sign off on his paperwork so he could submit it to his Scout leader.

These seven beautiful wooden benches were built, installed and donated to Green Meadows Preserve Park by Eagle Scout candidate Kevin Donahoe. They were all installed by Kevin and his team of helpers on the East Side of the Park along the walking trail.

We have another Eagle Scout candidate Nolan Moore that will be building six more benches and they will be installed along the trail out in the open field on the west side of the park.