Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"WOW" 2015 Nesting Season Is Off To A Record Year!

The 2015 nesting season is off to a record year on the Green Meadows
Preserve Park Bluebird Trail.

Sorry if it seems like I was missing in action, it has been so long since we up dated this blog.

During the off season we were busy feeding and keeping the birds warm with our new roost box design, it seemed to work quite well.They used most of the Nest Boxes as roost during the cold winter months.

I had some down time with knee replacement surgery during January and the rehab that goes with that type of surgery.

Now I am back on the Trail checking the Nest Boxes on a weekly basis with the help of some very special Friends of the Bluebird Trail. If you would like to become a Friend of the Bluebird Trail and do some training on how to help with some of the weekly task on the Trail just send me a email to and we can add you to our training classes for a date in the very near future.

The Bluebirds are so busy building nest and laying eggs for their first brood of the nesting season. If you are taking a walk on the trail at Green Meadows Preserve Park you are sure to see many Bluebirds in the area.

I think this is going to be a record year for the Bluebird Trail in the number of new babies that are hatched and fledged.

We have added 2 Nest Boxes to the North Marietta Community Garden, 1 at Still Elementary School and 4 for a Girl Scout Troop at Lost Mountain Park. This gives us a total of 32 Nest Boxes that are being monitored on a weekly basis and recorded with
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Nest Watch. They record and track people like us through out North America on how successful we are in our efforts in helping the Eastern Bluebird to reproduce and increase the numbers of this beautiful song bird.

Nest Watch - 2015 Quick Summary as of last week !

  32 - Total Nest Sites being monitored  

  39 - Total Nesting Attempts

124- Total Eggs

  97 - Total Young

  87 - Total Fledglings 

For the 2014 Nesting Season we had a total of 133 Fledglings for the nesting year. The nesting season in Marietta, GA starts as early as mid February and ends as late as the end of August. Last year the last brood fledged out of Nest Box number 18 on August 28th.

We welcome your attendance at one or all of our educational series, 
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Dates and Times:
May 30th and June 13th
(All Times: Saturday morning's 10:00AM - 12:00 Noon) 
Be sure to bring your own drinking water, sun screen, insect/repellent and please
wear comfortable shoes for walking the 2.3 mile easy trail.
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Thanks for joining us along the Trail.....Jim B