Thursday, September 5, 2013

What A Great Year We Have Had On The Bluebird Trail!

This has been our first full year of birding for the Bluebird Trail at Green Meadows Preserve and what a year it has been!

2013 Quick Summary
Total Nest Sites =(25), Total Nesting Attempts =(56), Total Eggs =(123),
Total Young=(111), Total Fledglings=(111) 

We are at the end of the nesting and egg hatching season, now we see the adult bluebirds at the feeder's and bird bath with their young offspring. We
have had some success with our Bluebird Trail Talk and Tour. Our next scheduled tour is this Saturday morning September 7th at 8:30 am for the Teacher's and Kid's from Still Elementary School, located very close to Green Meadows Preserve. Anyone else wishing to join us along the Bluebird Trail for our Talk and Tour is welcome.

Life After Fledgling, Young birds often remain with their parents, or in the general vicinity of their territory, throughout the summer and into fall. Occasionally, families of bluebirds will return to their nest cavity in the fall for a day or so, often entering the nest briefly, or even bringing in a few strands of nesting material. Why they do this is not known.

Feeding Behavior, Once bluebirds are finished breeding, they are no longer tied to their breeding site and wander freely in search of areas with plentiful food. Grasshoppers, crickets, and spiders, all of which are abundant in fall, remain the birds' food of choice until they are no longer available because of cold and snow.

Sanctuary for Bluebirds: Marietta Daily Journal, Lifestyle section, Wednesday August 28, 2013 MDJ Features Editor Sally Litchfield gave the Green Meadows Preserve Bluebird Trail an excellent write up, which has generated a lot of interest and much activity. 

# 25 Final Nest Box, we put up the final Nest Box for
 the Bluebird Trail during the Month of August. This box is sponsored by Chris and Jim Dugan. This completes the number of Nest Box's along the Bluebird Trail. Now we have a few more special Bluebird Feeders to be sponsored and put up in key locations, for the feeding of the Bluebirds this winter.                                                                        
Predators, coming in our next blog, how we have been dealing with some real PEST!

Green Meadows Preserve Bluebird Trail, Where Birds Come to Life!

Thanks for joining us along the Bluebird Trail.......Jim B