Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We are having a very big year 2013 on the Bluebird Trail!

It has been  awhile since we have had a blog posting! Not because we have lost interest in the trail, we have been very busy working the Bluebird Trail. Putting up additional nest boxes and installing bluebird feeders along the trail. We check each nest box weekly to see what is happening with that nest box. We record the nest check data weekly with The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Nest Watch.

The information below is the results of what has been going on along the Bluebird Trail this year 2013.
" Nest Watch 2013 Quick Summary "
       (24)                      (48)                      (111)            (91)                (91)
  Total Nest Sites                Total Nesting Attempts            Total Eggs           Total Young           Total Fledglings

More information and photo's to follow in the coming week. The Marietta Journal is doing a article and some photo's about the Bluebird Trail, maybe coming out in August. Will provide the date the article will run in the paper when it is available.