Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Welcome To First Day of SPRING 2018!

Seems like it has been a long time coming with all the rain and changing weather patterns, but it is hear. The First Day of Spring 2018! The Birds have been busy scouting out the Nest Boxes and trying to decide which house they wanted for their very own this spring.

The Tree of Life is coming awake with her new buds and growth. She is 182 years old today, as we gave her a Birthday of the 1st day of Spring.

Come join us on one of our Walk and Talk Tours during the coming months. Green Meadows Preserve where Bluebird come to life!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

This Is Our " Seventh " Nesting Season!

March is the beginning of a new nesting season. If you have Bluebird Nest Boxes in your yard, now would be a good time to check them and make sure they are cleaned out and ready for someone to move in.

Come join us on the Green Meadows Preserve Bluebird Trail and learn more about our project and the success we have had over the past six years.

Dates and Times
March 10th, April 7th, May 12th
(All Times: Saturday morning 10am - 12:00pm
For questions: Call Jim B (cell) 404-202-8755 or jimbearden@bellsouth.net
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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


A Big Belated Happy New Year

This year sure has been interesting so far with the bazar wheather patterns we have been having. The poor birds are all very confused, they have always stayed in Marietta during the winter, but this year it is cold for much longer number of days. They are not so sure about staying, but they do stay.

I will have to admit that I did not do a very good job last year 2017 of keeping this BLOG up dated. My New Years goal is to do a better job of doing so this year. During the nesting season it is more difficult because it is very time consuming when checking the Nest Boxes each week March through August and the recording the information with NestWatch.

My goal this year is to keep the blog up dated at least on a monthly schedule with any news and Walk and Talk Tour information.

If you have been out to Green Meadows Preserve lately you have seen a lot of new benches, steps and the outdoor classroom under the pecan and black walnut trees. These have all be done by a number of different Eagle Scout's for their Eagle Scout accreditation.

A set of stone stairs with wood hand rail was built and installed by Eagle Scout candidate Jack Smith. He and his support staff also spread a truck load of mulch on the walking trail going west towards the open fields.

This has helped a lot to keep the trail from being so muddy with all the rain and snow we have had this winter.

This photo is of Jack Smith and his Mom Suzanne when he received his Eagle Scout Certification.

If you use the park on a regular basis you can see the amount of volunteer hours that go into doing these projects by Master Gardeners, Eagle Scouts and groups that do Community Service projects like picking up trash that is discarded by people using the Park. These are the people that should have more respect for our Parks, they are throwing trash in the very Park they are using for their own enjoyment?

Outdoor classroom was constructed and donated to Green Meadows Preserve by Eagle Scout candidate Thomas Jeffery Wetmore. This classroom is used by many different project groups, the Master Gardener's that maintain the grounds around the old house and the Cherokee Garden.

It is used by myself when we have garden groups that are taking a Walk and Talk Tour of the Bluebird Trail.

As well as the groups we do tours for on regular basis from the general public, that be promote through the MDJ and post on the information boards.

Additional classroom benches were constructed and donated to the Park by Eagle Scout candidate Ethan Lindler.

Ethan also built a set of handrail for the stone steps leading up to the community garden as another part of his Eagle Scout project.

Ethan and I with my dog Daisy meeting to sign off on his paperwork so he could submit it to his Scout leader.

These seven beautiful wooden benches were built, installed and donated to Green Meadows Preserve Park by Eagle Scout candidate Kevin Donahoe. They were all installed by Kevin and his team of helpers on the East Side of the Park along the walking trail.

We have another Eagle Scout candidate Nolan Moore that will be building six more benches and they will be installed along the trail out in the open field on the west side of the park.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Year For The Numbers

We are coming to the end of our fifth year of the Green Meadows Preserve Bluebird Trail project.
I thought I would share some numbers reflecting on our successes so far.
2016 was our most successful year so far!

The look of Spring is everywhere you look these day!


We invite you to come out for our Saturday
March 11th, 2017 Walk & Talk Tour.
This is our first tour of the 2017 year for the General Public. 

We installed a Bluebird Nest Box unit at
Smith Gilbert Gardens this year.

Smith Gilbert Garden

One of the three Nest Box unit's installed at the
 Leone Hall Price Park

The second unit at Price Park and one of our
Bluebird Trail volunteers.
The Tree of Life as she looks this time of winter.
The Bluebird in all his beauty of winter!
Green Meadows Preserve Bluebird Trail, Where Birds Come to Life!
Thanks for joining us along the Trail.....Jim B

Friday, September 23, 2016


Thank God It's Fall!

With fall comes fruits and berries
 as a food source.
Tree of Life,  Autumn Begins, photo
taken 0900 Thursday August 22, 2016  
Look for new Trail Map's
along trail at key locations. 
Dogwood Tree Berries, 
Bluebird loves them.
Miniature Pears, after first frost this
tree will be full of birds eating the fruit. 

Another photo of the Tree of Life
from a different viewing location.  
 Now that the weather is starting to cool a bit,
it is time to start up our Walk and Talk Tours again.
Come join us on Saturday October 22, 2016
One of our Walk and Talk Tours this Spring!
 A big Thank You to all the people who support the Bluebird Trail
with contributions. All the friends who help
with the work necessary to keep the Bluebird trail
in good nesting condition
and those who help with Nest Box checking.
This has been a record setting year for the Bluebird Trail,
we had more birds hatched and fledged than any year
since we started the Trail in the spring of 2012.
Total Fledglings = (293)
Thank You!  


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The HOT and Dry Dog Days of August!

This time of year is really hard for me in Georgia, with the HOT days and no rain make it hard to want to be a gardener or even be out side. It is also hard on wildlife and the Bluebirds.

You see less of them out and about during the HOT part of the days, they stay up in the trees where it is cooler.

The nesting season for this year 2016 has come to a close, they have finished nesting and all the babies have fledged. The season ended a little earlier this year over last year. Maybe the heat had something to do with it, but they started nesting earlier in the year as well. We had three Nest Boxes that had a total of four broods hatch in each book.

That means that in these three Nest Boxes we had at least twenty birds hatch and fledge. That just shows you that cleaning the Nest Boxes after each brood is a good thing.

When the babies are developing in the nest, the parents feed each of them twice an hour. So you can see why we provide dried mealworms for them during the nesting season. This ensures that they have food available and close by.

After they fledge the nest, the babies are not able to feed themselves for the first 30 days after leaving the nest. The parents provide food for them during this time until they learn to feed themselves.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Nest Watch
Nesting Summary
Total Nesting Sites (38), Total Nesting Attempts (79), Total Eggs (328), Total Young (301),
Total Fledglings (293),
as of ( 8/08/16)

Come join us on one or all of our Fall Bluebird Trail Walk and Talk Tours.

We are hoping to have some of these approved MAP'S up at key locations along the Bluebird Trail Soon.

We welcome you to become a Friend of the Bluebird Trail by making a Tax Free Contribution to help feed and support the Bluebirds at Green Meadows Preserve.

A big Thank You to all the people who support with contributions and the Friends who help with all the work necessary to keep the Bluebird Trail in good Nesting condition and helping with Nest Box checking.
This has been a record setting year for the Bluebird Trail, we had more birds hatched and fledged than any year since we started the Trail in the spring of 2012.
Total Fledglings ( 293 )
Thank You!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

HOT! June Feel's Like July/August Already.

This has been one of the Hottest weeks of the year so far in 2016. In checking the Nest Boxes this week we had to start early just to beat the heat. The birds were just laying low trying get through these very hot days. If it is 95 degrees outside, that means it is near 100 degrees inside the Nest Boxes. 

This is a couple of  photo's provided by a good friend Diana of her Nest Box and the babies located in her yard.

They open there mouths for food, thinking we are the parents when we open the door to the Nest Box to check on them every week.

We had our final Walk and Talk Tour for this quarter on Saturday June 11th  and had a good showing for such a HOT morning.

Check this Blog or the bulletin boards located at the Green Meadows Preserve for the dates starting up again in October. The summer months of July, August and September are just to HOT for Tours. The birds are just trying to survive the heat of the very hot days.   

We now have the approval by the Parks Department to have an outdoor classroom build and we have a Eagle Scout that is going to complete the project this summer. That way we will have benches for people to set, while we are doing the talking part of our tours. 

The Parks Department has approved some signs of the Bluebird Trail Logo and the Preserve MAP that will be placed in key locations around the Trails. Hoping to get this completed this summer as well.

They will help with directions and the distances of the different color coded trails.

We are so happy to post the new numbers  for the 2016 nesting season so far. These numbers are current as of today 5/15/16, as we finished checking the Nest Boxes this morning.

We are on track to beat our numbers for last year of 210 birds fledged for the 2015 nesting season.

If all the eggs hatch we could be at 283 birds, if all the babies that are in the nest now fledge successfully we could be at 227 birds.

The 2016 Nesting Season goes until the end of August. We have time for more nest, eggs and baby Bluebirds.

A number of the Nest Boxes on the Trail are on their 4th brood already.

A big THANK YOU! to all the Friends, supporter's and Volunteer's that help me on the Bluebird Trail.

All of you that have sponsored, made donations and contributions to the Bluebird Trail we appreciate your support so much.

YOU CAN HELP! Become a friend and sponsor of the Bluebird Trail in West Cobb, located at the Green Meadows Preserve Park, 3780 Dallas Highway, Powder Springs, GA 30127

25 Bluebird nest boxes and 10 feed stations have been sponsored and placed along a 2.3 mile trail within the 112 acres of open pasture, meadows and trees. Your contributions will help support, feed and increase the Bluebird population.

Become a Friend of the Bluebird Trail at Green Meadows Preserve Park by making a Donation, or become a Volunteer and help us with some of the work that is required on a regular basis to keep the Trail in good nesting condition. Doing one or both of these will help us in bringing back this beautiful song bird to our area Garden's and Park's.

Make your checks payable to (Friends of Green Meadows Preserve, Inc.)
Mail your sponsorship/donation to:
Jim Bearden
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