Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Year For The Numbers

We are coming to the end of our fifth year of the Green Meadows Preserve Bluebird Trail project.
I thought I would share some numbers reflecting on our successes so far.
2016 was our most successful year so far!

The look of Spring is everywhere you look these day!


We invite you to come out for our Saturday
March 11th, 2017 Walk & Talk Tour.
This is our first tour of the 2017 year for the General Public. 

We installed a Bluebird Nest Box unit at
Smith Gilbert Gardens this year.

Smith Gilbert Garden

One of the three Nest Box unit's installed at the
 Leone Hall Price Park

The second unit at Price Park and one of our
Bluebird Trail volunteers.
The Tree of Life as she looks this time of winter.
The Bluebird in all his beauty of winter!
Green Meadows Preserve Bluebird Trail, Where Birds Come to Life!
Thanks for joining us along the Trail.....Jim B