Friday, January 15, 2016

2016 Happy New Year!

Winter Begins Photo 12/22/15
Our finial Walk and Talk Tour for the Green Meadows Preserve Bluebird Trail of 2015 was well attended, we had 22 very interested Friends of the Bluebird Trail come out.

Some of those in attendance were so inspired that they went ahead and purchased Nest Boxes and  small bird Feeders from George Burkett, who is the wood worker who has build all the boxes and feeders for the Bluebird Trail.

The Walk and Talk Tour was on Saturday December 19th and the first day of winter was the following Tuesday December 22nd, so this photo of the Tree of Life was for the Winter Photo. She is beautiful no matter what season.

We are still planting Trees/Shrubs on the Bluebird Trail that are berry producing and will serve as a natural perch when they mature.

This tree is a native dogwood that was sponsored by the ladies of the Daisies Garden Club of Marietta. This tree is location by Nest Box number 11 on the west side of the preserve.

We still have sponsor opportunities for native, fruit berry trees/shrubs to be planted as a perch at one of the Nest Boxes along the Bluebird Trail.

The cost of sponsorship is $100.00 for each tree, that covers the cost of the tree and material to plant it. A portion of each sponsorship goes toward expenses for food and such for the Bluebird Trail. We place a name maker with plant name, sponsor name and month and year you sponsor. We are a 501 (c) 3 so your sponsorship is tax deductible if you Make your checks payable to (Friends of Green Meadows Preserve, Inc.)

Mail your sponsorship to:
Jim Bearden
1648 Oakford Court
Marietta, GA 30064


We have only converted a couple of the Nest boxes to Roost Boxes for the winter. It has been so warm I have been delaying changing all of them over.

If we continue to get very cold weather for an extended period of time, I may convert the remaining boxes over to winter roost.

It takes putting a peace of cut cardboard in the bottom of the Nest Box to block the vent holes to help keep cold air out. Placing some dried grass on the cardboard and placing the ladder inside so that more than one or two birds can roost at any given time.

The door has to be reversed so the entry hole is at the bottom instead of the top. We will decide this week if we are going to change over the remaining Nest Boxes. They all have to be converted back to hole at top and ladder out by the end of February or first of March for the start of the 2016 nesting season.

I have had a number of people that have called or emailed  me in reference to the ladders. The cost is $10.00 per ladder, that covers the cost of the ladder and the postage to mail it to you.

We are in the process of working on Trail Maps with distances for each of the trails. We will be putting these up on the information boards for you to be able to see. We are working on a Tri-Fold Broachers with Bluebird Trail information on one side and the Trail Maps on the other. This will be placed at the information boards in a Broachers holder for your taking one if you wish.

We welcome your attendance at one or all of our educational series,
“Bluebird Trail Walk &Talk Tours”


2016 - First Quarter
Dates and Times


 Sat Jan 30th, Sat Feb 20th, Sat Mar 5th   
(All Times: Saturday morning 10:00 AM - 12:00 Noon)


Be sure to bring your own drinking water, and please wear comfortable shoes for walking the short and easy 1.4 mile trail.


For questions: Call Jim B (cell) 404-202-8755 or
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Thanks for joining us along the Trail…..Jim B