Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Walk and Talk Tour this Saturday the 7th

Don't forget the Walk and Talk Tour this coming Saturday morning the 7th  @ 10:00 am that was changed from Thursday the 5th. Bring water to drink and maybe a hat would be good as the weather is getting pretty HOT between 10:00 am and 12:00 noon. We will meet behind the red barn west of the community garden around 9:45 am so we can get started with the Talk and Tour by 10:00 am.

Photo's provided by lady on 5/24/14 tour 

Our final tour before the HOT summer month's begin will be on Tuesday June 24th. The first day of summer officially is Saturday June 21st, so we will already be into summer by a few days.

I was on the Bluebird Trail for 4 hours yesterday checking all the Nest Boxes for nest, eggs and babies. Cleaning out the boxes that the young babies had already fledged, so it would be clean and ready for the next bird family to build a nest and raise their young. This is a beautiful ongoing cycle during the nesting season of March through August.

I decided it was the best day to check all the boxes, as I think it will be the coolest day of the week for us. It is always exciting for me when checking the boxes, am I going to find a nest, what kind of bird is it, will I find eggs or will the eggs be hatched and I will find babies. The next time will the babies be big, fully feathered or fledged already? If  you are a bird person, this is all exciting stuff.

In the recent blog post on Sunday the 1st day of June, the 2014 Quick Summary Data numbers were very distorted when they come up on the iPhone or cell phones in general. I have new Data numbers for you and laid out in a little different way.

Total Nest Sites: = 25

Total Nesting Attempts: = 49

Total Eggs: = 103

Total Young: = 125

Total Fledglings: = 78

 Green Meadows Preserve Bluebird Trail,
Where Birds Come to Life!
Thanks for joining us along the Trail
..... Jim B

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Another Tour Date Change for June

Spring Photo of Tree of Life
Sorry for having to make another change to one of our published Tour date's coming up in June. Due to a very busy June schedule for me, the Saturday June 21st Walk and Talk Tour has been changed.

The new date is Tuesday June 24th @ 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. Sorry if this has caused any inconvenience for anyone wishing to take the Bluebird Trail Tour.

We will not be leading any Walk and Talk Tours during the HOT summer month's. The birds are busy laying their eggs and raising their young birds and just trying to get through the HOT summer month's.

Feel free to walk the trail on your own during the summer if you wish, hoping you  will see some Bluebirds along the trail during your walk. 

We will be posting a fall Walk and Talk Tour schedule soon, that will start again in October of this year.

A very aggressive and painful sting
We have had a few of these predictors, but nothing like we had last year. I was stung three different times on the right hand and through my glove I must say trying to remove these guys from the nest boxes.

During the early spring I read about someone having success by treating the inside top part of the nest box with a bar of Ivory soap. I treated all 25 nest boxes with the soap and so far it has helped a lot in helping to keep the wasp from building nest in the boxes.  

This week I will be checking all 25 Nest Boxes again to make sure all is going well with the nest sites. This Data is over a week old now, but the following is an update along the Bluebird Trail.

                                                   2014 Quick Summary                                        
25                    37                  93                    133                    46
         Nest Sites   Nesting Attempts   Eggs              Young            Fledglings

Until Next Blog Posting:
Green Meadows Preserve Bluebird Trail, Where Birds Come to Life!
Thanks for joining us along the Trail.....Jim B